Show Up: A Motivational Message for Muslim Women


Nai’ma shares the story of how she came to understand the meaning of ‘Showing Up’ through tragic circumstances and enormous life changes.

So many of us sleepwalk through life: frustrated, unhappy and lacking confidence in our abilities and accomplishments, destined never to reach our full potential. We allow our limiting beliefs to hold us back. We allow our challenges to define us. We allow other people’s expectations to imprison us.

‘Show Up: A Motivational Message for Muslim Women’ is based on the lessons Na’ima learnt on her journey, inviting the reader to show up, authentically and sincerely, in their lives, casting aside the role of victim and instead, living as the hero of their own life story.

Award-winning author and magazine editor Na’ima B. Robert lost her husband of 15 years and found herself solely responsible for their five children and her late husband’s company, the entire axis of her world shifted. Suddenly, she was a widow, a single mother, and a reluctant CEO. But, through her faith in Allah’s plan for her and her decision to choose gratitude over despair, she was able to rise from the tragedy and show up differently: more present, more confident, more powerful, and more grateful than ever.

“I chose to see that challenge, not as a setback but, as a set up for a comeback”

The book is replete with personal stories, quotes from Qur’an, hadith and contemporary thinkers, as well as action points and space for the reader to reflect and apply the principles.

Naima B. Robert, is a trail-blazing speaker, coach, and best-selling author of ‘From My Sisters Lips’, as well as over 25 other books for adults, teens and children, many of which have been translated into over 14 languages. She is the recipient of several literary awards and is a respected author of diverse fiction, including her newest book with popular speaker Mufti Menk.

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